There are many ways in which one can contribute to his society and to the world we live in. And in many cases, your greatest contribution may not be something you do but someone you raise.


  •  Teaching refugee children French and other subjects


At Kelna Inta, we believe all children should have equal chances in life, and we believe we all play a part in showing them that. By teaching kids from different nationalities different subjects and introducing them to new languages, we are also introducing them to new ways of lives. We are giving them a choice, we are giving them a chance to succeed in this life. The many hours we spend with them are used to get to know them more and help them know themselves. Other than teaching them maths, science, history etc., we try to unleash their creativity through different activities and group therapies. In each and every one of them hides an incredible talent, a huge potential, and all the will to grow into heroes.

  • Reduce Idleness and inactivity in prisons​


Reducing the idleness by increasing opportunities for exercise, arts, sports, cultural and religious activities improves greatly the inmates quality of life. It is well known that active persons are less likely to feel stressed and hostile. We try to provide them with books in order to help them use their time to educate themselves and increase their knowledge, and are hoping to increase our abilities to provide them with more supplies to be able to express themselves through arts and different talents.