The story behind our logo

Kelna Inta written in arabic letters : كلّنا إنت


I remember the first time I thought of it. I was in the car with my mother, she was driving, and as always, we were discussing the different ways we would change the world, and as she talked, I often drifted away and let my mind wander in different directions (sorry mom). I found myself thinking of the years I spent abroad, the activities I had when I was there... one of them in particular, yoga. I visualized the different classes I went to, the instructors, the walls, the music, and I suddenly made the link.


I had the :  كلّنا إنت stuck in my mind for weeks, and I had thought of writing it using phonetics as such : Kelna Inta (something very common here in Lebanon, and also made it easier to reach people from different countries).

Now that I was thinking of yoga, I also had the "om" symbol in mind (you can read more about it below).

And the similarity struck me, the :ّ   and the  ء put together as : 

and the "om" symbol

So, I decided to add back the arabic characters into the Kelna Inta logo and make this our logo, representing a new beginning based on the soul, the self, of each being.